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aunch a trading link between Shanghai and London this year, which will allow investors in each country to trade shares listed on ▓the other's stock exchange."The recent new initiatives from the Chinese government to furthe

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id."Traded ▓volume as a percent-age of market capitalization is 20 percent in China, and on▓ly 8 percent in the US, he said."China A shares offer an incredible mix of l

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    everage to the country's domestic economy. That's why, we▓ want to buy them for the next decade. More so because we expect China's stocks to stay neutral, la

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    rgely unaffected, when the next US market crisis oc▓curs. For example, the Shenzhen Composite Index has among▓ the lowest correlations of all major g▓lobal indic

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    es to the S&P500 index at just 8 perce▓nt."The expected foreign capital inflows will likely help deepen as well as stabilize the Chinese capita

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